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Michigan 3S
Welcome to the Michigan chapter of 3000GT/Stealth/GTO

If you live in or near Michigan and own a Mitsubisi 3000GT
or a Dodge Stealth this is the site for you.

Check out our parent site at 3000GT/Stealth/GTO forums

I really do need to get better at regular updates ;-)

Upcoming Events:
05/15/2016 - 2016 Michigan 3S Lansing Gathering
06/21/2016 - 2016 3S National Gathering Indianaopolis, In Jue 21-16, 2016

We have two Yahoo groups for our usage:
mi3si is a general group/mailing list everyone is free to add their input.
mi3sinews Is a newsletter group I send out gathering and informational messages(If you want to know what's going on make sure to be on this list.)

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